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About Al Aula Fab

ALAULAFAB is leading this field in Egypt and the middle east from about 25 years, during this period ALAULAFAB succeeded to formulate a new definition for quality and customer service, this definition was applied to raw materials and machines' suppliers and ending by providing highly technical after sale service. If consultants and specialists prefer using ALAULAFAB products, this makes us feel the big responsibility to keep our high quality standard, and to keep ALAULAFAB name always a name with a respectable great history. Our aim is to deliver high quality Fiberglass products at reasonable prices, on time.

Fiberglass, GRP "Glass Reinforced Polyester", FRP "Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester" are all synonyms for the same class of smart products that offer great properties in terms of: light weight, high mechanical and chemical properties, water resistance ... etc. Fiberglass is now invading a lot of applications in a diversity of fields starting from park toys, sky lights, tanks and ending with military high precision superior products.

In this website we incorporated our own 25 years old manufacturing experience and know-how together with a collection of useful information from a lot of certified resourses allover the world to provide our customers with an integrated service in the field of fiberglass and its applications. Egyptian Co. for Resin's Products "ALAULAFAB" is a unique name in the field of products reinforced with fiberglass (Corrugated and flat sheets/rolls, potable water and chemicals' tanks, Chairs ...etc.)

Board of Directors


Prof.Dr Mohamed Abu Elela

General manager

Eng. Amr Radwan

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